Researcher, Lecturer, Editor & Writer


I’m a self-defined pilkunnussija. This is a Finnish word, used to describe a person who pays obsessive attention to spelling and grammar.

Literal translation? ‘Comma-f&*%er’.

I’m not ashamed.

This natural tendency to be pedantic - plus ten years’ professional experience - has made me quite a decent proof-reader and copy-editor. I pride myself on being fast, thorough, and honest. If you’re my client, I’ll make it my business to keep you informed. I use time-keeping software to keep track of every second I spend on your work, and you’ll receive regular reports detailing precisely how long each section has taken. As a writer myself, I understand the importance of keeping costs under control.

Prices vary depending on the project, and I aim always to give informed estimates before agreements are confirmed. To give you an idea, though, my basic rate is £22ph. My turnaround time makes this very competitive: I once managed to get through a book of over 100,000 words in a single weekend (though I wouldn’t recommend it – please, never again!).

If you’d like an estimate then please get in touch. No contract = no commitment. Let’s just have a chat.