Researcher, Lecturer, Editor & Writer


I moved to Wales in 2009 to begin my PhD, after being granted a scholarship by Aberystwyth University’s Department of Theatre, Film & TV Studies. I now work all over the country on a range of cultural projects.

My background is in performance studies, which tends to make big assumptions about audiences: who they are, why they attend, and what they get out of theatre. After encountering the rich field of audience studies, I’m now committed to research that talks to rather than talks about audiences. Empirical investigations of how actual people find and articulate value in culture form the cornerstone of my research approach.

My current interests include what it means to ‘know the rules’ – or otherwise – during experimental promenade performances, how people experience ‘authenticity’ in actor-performed poetry, and how big musical numbers can feel intimate to audiences. Although most of my spare time these days is taken up with research publications, I’m also a practitioner in the applied-drama and community theatre field, as well as a creative writer. I have worked with companies including Rimini Protokoll and Pentabus, and as Kirsty Jansen my short plays have been performed in theatres from Leeds to Brooklyn, with my radio drama ‘Fox Fur’ produced by the BBC.